Recently the project has been split into two, Publisher's Edition for more meme-like images and Classic for more accurate images.

It got acknowledged by MatPat himself in his final theory which is pretty epic. Here's the description. Use MatPatify to make your YouTube browsing more enjoyable. Is using the YouTube platform boring? Do you struggle to discover entertaining click-bait videos? avert your fears. Every thumbnail gets a MatPat styled thumbnail thanks to this plugin.

Here's Publisher's Edition on Chrome

Here's Classic on Chrome

Here's Publisher's Edition on Firefox

Here's Classic on Firefox

Here's Publisher's Edition on Edge

Here's Classic on Edge

Eric's Thumbnail Seasoning!


This extension was published in partnership with EricTheToon. Here's the description. Modify YouTube thumbnails to include Eric's special seasoning

Here's it on Chrome

Here's it on Firefox

Here's it on Edge